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We started Vern to Learn 501(c)(3) in July of 2020. We had this vision of eradicating educational disparity in our local communities in Houston, and we are so proud of what we have achieved so far. With the collective support of our staff, students, and families, we have reached thousands of students across the globe, impacting their educational journeys and self-confidence. But more than that, Vern gave us friendships and relationships that we will cherish forever. Thank you for visiting our page, and please explore the many opportunities we offer!

Michelle Chen
Prisha Verma
Lydia Tong

Michelle will be attending Stanford University in the fall of 2024, intending to major in Chemical Engineering. Her favorite classes to teach at Vern were Writing Red and Experimental Science, and she will miss all of her students so very much!  Shoutout to the ones who know about "Pie Breaks" ;)


Prisha will be attending the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 2024, intending to major in Biology. 


Lydia will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2024, intending to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as Cinema and Media Studies. Her favorite class to teach at Vern was Diagnosing Diseases, and she will always remember Blookets and Gimkits!


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