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Our Staff

Pennsylvania Chapter


Max is an ambitious student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is attending Methacton High School as a junior. Max is passionate about finance and STEM, and is taking 4 AP courses, maintaining high grades. Max is ready to start motivating and inspiring other ambitious students!

Jessica is a rising junior at Germantown Academy, located in Pennsylvania. She is a diligent student passionate about STEM, and takes all honors courses while maintaining high grades in her academic classes. Jessica is extremely excited to get to know her students and inspire those around her!

Max Wu

Jessica Wang

Andrew is a dedicated and accomplished student currently attending Germantown Friends in Philadelphia as a sophmore. He is currently ranked among the top 20 freshmen teams for debate in the nation. Andrew is excited to help others through Vern and can’t wait to meet other ambitious young students!


Avinh Ly - Tutor

Avinh, a high school sophomore at Methacton High School, is an experienced tutor specializing in mathematics, science, and coding. For his academics, he is currently taking the top honors classes along with 3 AP classes.As a tutor, he provides clear, patient, and effective guidance, aiming to empower students to excel in their studies.

Aadi Shah - Tutor

Aadi is an enthusiastic student from Philadelphia and is a rising junior at Methacton High School. Aadi is passionate about STEM and plans to take 3 AP classes next year. Aadi is excited to inspire the students he meets through Vern and help them learn!

Rebecca Rong - Tutor

Rebecca Rong is a multi-talented rising sophomore at Germantown Academy, in Pennsylvania. Rebecca is an inspiring leader, taking an active role in her school’s Student Government Association. Rebecca loves to give back to her community and help other kids in achieving their goals.

Audrey Yu - Tutor

Audrey is an accomplished rising sophomore from Germantown Academy, Pennsylvania. She consistently thrives in all academic subjects, demonstrating exceptional prowess in Math and Science. Audrey is thrilled to join as a Vern tutor and is looking forward to meeting more talented young students!

Viranch Doshi - Tutor

Viranch is a hard working student from Phildelphia and is a rising junior at Methacton High School. He is in all the top honors classes as well as A.P. Classes. Viranch is thrilled to begin helping other students pursue their academic careers and help them in any way he can through inspiring students and tutoring them!

Ray Pelletier - Tutor

Ray is a motivated rising sophomore at Wissahickon High School. After maintaining a perfect GPA in his freshman year while taking all honors and gifted courses, Ray is looking forward to taking three math and science focused AP classes. Ray is eager to help younger kids grow their knowledge and can't wait to be a Vern tutor!

Andrew Li - President

Christi is a junior at Methacton High School, where she excels in all of her classes. She is involved in both honors and AP classes. Christi excels in her classes and always strives for the best grades that she can achieve. Christi cannot wait to start teaching, and she is looking forward to meeting all of her students!

Christi Thomas - Tutor


Nidhish Chintala - Tutor

Joanna Chung - Tutor

Addison Braca - Tutor

Nidhish is a junior at Methacton High School, located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania. He is a hardworking and persevering student who is taking multiple AP and honors classes. Nidhish is excited about this opportunity at Vern and is looking forward to helping students achieve academic excellence!

Joanna, a passionate junior attending Methacton, is interested in meeting curious and bright kids. She is currently enrolled in both honors and AP classes including AP Literature. Joanna is excited to have the opportunity to share this interest to other students through both fun and productive tutoring.  

Addison is a successful and enthusiastic student attending Germantown Academy as a freshman. She is taking multiple honors classes while maintaining high grades along with participating in multiple sports. Addison is excited to join the Vern to Learn community and can’t wait to develop as a tutor and help other enthusiastic students.

Eli is an aspiring freshman at Germantown Academy, in Pennsylvania. Taking all honors classes, Eli maintains high grades while simultaneously grappling with extracurricular activities. Eli appreciates the opportunity to be a Vern tutor and is excited to help others learn, while also growing more experienced in the process.

Eli Xie - Tutor

Ravi Bhatt - Tutor

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Ronit Banga - Tutor

Ronit is a freshman at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Ronit is a dedicated student who endeavors to achieve high grades in all his classes while also being involved in extracurricular activities. Ronit is excited to be a Vern tutor and learn and grow through this experience!

Anisha, a passionate and determined student, is currently a sophomore attending Wissahickon High School. She maintained a perfect GPA freshman year and continued taking academically tough classes this year. Anisha is thrilled to be able to teach and meet other students and she cannot wait to help them grow as learners!

Anisha Agrawal - Tutor

Aubrey is a successful and engaged sophomore at Germantown Academy. She is taking multiple honors courses and maintaining high grades along with participating in multiple sports and drama productions. Aubrey is excited to join the Vern to Learn community and share her of learning with others!

Aubrey Daniel - Tutor

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Hannah Chang - Tutor

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