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Vern to Learn

Vern to Learn is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to providing free educational resources and opportunities for elementary and middle school students nationwide and internationally through the Vern Tutoring program, fundraising, and volunteering in our local communities. 


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Vern Tutoring Testimonials

- Cindy, Parent

Thank you for establishing this organization to benefit children.
I want to let you know that both of my children (REDACTED and REDACTED) were diagnosed with AML leukemia. REDACTED had two bone marrow transplants and REDACTED just had her transplant August 2021. Both kids currently stay home due to a compromised immune system. I was grateful that Vern Tutor Program can offer some quality tutoring. Thank you!

- Katelyn, 6th grader

Vern Tutoring helped me learn and grow during the pandemic season, a time when we couldn't go to in-person classes. VTC provided a cheap and easy way for students to learn while providing the same effect as an in-person tutor. VTC's classes support kids and adjust to their level and give challenges to those who want to go the extra mile. They have a large range of subjects, from science to poetry. Thank you and I would recommend it strongly to young kids.

- Long Ke, Parent

My child is a 4th grader. She has been studying ‘Creative Writing” with Vern Tutoring Classroom for one year now. I liked their curriculum, which includes different writing styles, vocabulary, and grammar. The prompt for every writing assignment is what I like the most. They are really very creative. I cherished the discussions I had with my child over them, and seeing my child’s imagination been inspired by these assignments. My experience with Vern Tutoring Classroom is really a very positive one. I will definitely recommend them to friends.

- Bryant, 6th grader

The class was very helpful from a tutoring perspective. It’s not like a regular class in which students just sit there and the teacher drones on and on. No, the high school instructors are very passionate, energetic, and overall very engaging. It’s a very active "hands-on" class.

- Professor Man, Parent (Mom of Bryant)

Bryant loves writing and often writes stories on his own. He says that the writing class was very helpful from a tutoring perspective. The high school instructors are very passionate, energetic, and overall very engaging. As a mom, I appreciate the role model the Vern tutors set for my kids and the concrete help they offered. As an educator myself, I appreciate their passion, energy, and commitment. Great job!

- Vincent Yin, Parent

The teacher made the class very fun and engaging. The class was very informative and taught the basics of Python very well!

- Cherie, 6th grader

Thank you so much for teaching us every week! Attending your classes has helped me improve a lot. I hope to also be a great teacher like you when I am in high school!

- Emily, 7th grader

I very much enjoyed the tutoring by Vern Tutoring Classroom. I thought Python programming was hard and boring. With Vern's help, I made solid progress in learning Python and look forward to exploring more in depth in the future. Thanks a lot to Vern.

- Amanda, 7th grader

The Python class was very nice and actually fun, compared to most other classes, most noticeably because the teacher had the extremely wise idea to use platforms such as Blooket and Kahoot in practice.

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We provide free virtual tutoring for kids in grades 2-8. Information about courses offered, class descriptions, instructor information, and more can be found under the  "Courses" tab of our website. Our main chapter spring semester is officially open, and we are so excited to be hosting 13 courses this time around, in addition to coming workshops. Click the "Spring 2024" button to see what's offered!

Get Involved

Become a Tutor

Contact us at our Vern Tutoring Classroom email address to apply to become a virtual tutor.

Start a Chapter

We are looking to expand Vern to Learn to your state! To apply to lead a new chapter, shoot us an email using the same address.


If you prefer to get involved in-person, we have many in-person opportunities as well. Send us an email for more information!


If you would like to support our cause to make learning enjoyable and accessible to all, please navigate to the "Donate" tab of our website for more info.

Meet  Our Team!

Vern Community

In addition to our online tutoring program, we also want to reach more elementary and middle school children in our local communities by volunteering in-person. These are a few recent opportunities where we've been able to do so.

Ed White Elementary School

We serve as tutors at Ed White Elementary School's semester and summer tutoring programs by helping their amazing 1st - 5th graders with standardized test prep and getting them ready for the upcoming school year. We also lead projects here in collaboration with Kinkaid High School to get more high schoolers involved in tutoring those in need in their local community.

Houston Food Bank

Additionally, we have worked together with the Houston Food Bank to provide free meals to those in need in the Houston area. The Houston Food Bank is a non-profit organization with great initiatives, like their Backpack Buddy Program, to serve kids who may need a meal. 

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