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Summer Camp Details

Check below for a description and syllabus for each camp!


Do you love to create new worlds and explain wonders and concepts to others? Or are you nervous about writing essays next school year? Well, a good writer or not, Vern Tutoring's Writing Workshop is for everyone! You'll learn to correctly format various types of essays, play games to improve your vocabulary and strengthen your mind, and have a blast becoming a more creative writer! Make sure to sign up today for a fun-filled week of writing! For more details on how the course will be conducted, please review the curriculum below.

Writing Syllabus: Coming Soon!

Health Science

Health Science Syllabus: Coming Soon!

Interested in the medical field? Want to become a doctor in the future? Are you striving to be a healthier person? If so, this camp is perfect for you! In this one-week period, you will learn all about the human body, brain, nutrition, and the functions they go through to make you, you! We will incorporate crafty activities and make models of whatever body part we’re studying, like the brain! Not only will this allow students to explore the health field, the information presented in the brain unit will help the students in getting exposed to material on the AP Psychology Exam. For more details on how the course will be conducted, please review the curriculum below.

Experimental Science

Science is built on things that you can see or test… but instead of hearing about how other people have contributed to science, this course is all about doing it ourselves! We believe in learning by doing, and what better way than through trial and error and experimentation? Students will build a strong sense of curiosity and learn to question the why’s and how’s of our everyday surroundings. Get ready for fun and interesting activities to help you understand topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and more! For more details on how this course will be conducted, please review the syllabus below. 


Do you enjoy proving a point? Does the idea of a debate excite you? In Debate, you will explore the fundamentals and structures of a debate round. Like our courses, you will first go through the basics on how to build a case, but you will spend more time debating your peers with constructive criticism provided by our two tutors, who have both had experience with debate! This camp will also help bring out your voice and confidence when public speaking. For more details on how the course will be conducted, please review the curriculum below. 

Debate Syllabus: Coming Soon!
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