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Prisha is a diligent student at Shadow Creek High School. Through co-founding Vern Tutoring Classroom, she has found a way to share her passion for knowledge. Understanding that proper teaching methods are essential for students to achieve high academic outcomes, Prisha is determined to make her lessons both informative and compelling. She has jumped an entire grade but still manages to be at the top of her advanced classes with straight A's in every subject. Prisha has won several UIL awards over the years and was recognized multiple times by Duke TIP in her state for her extraordinary SAT and PSAT scores in the 99th percentile. She’s all about STEM at heart, as ever since elementary school she's participated and placed first in district science fair contests. Last year, she won a SEFH Rising Star award for her research on UV radiation, in which she even tested and produced two effective homemade sunscreens. On any given day, you could find her relaxing with a book, exploring the ‘swamp’ by her home, or spending time with her little sister. Prisha loves to help others, and will see you in class! :)


Michelle Chen: Director and Tutor

Michelle is a dedicated student attending the Kinkaid School. She loves kids, and her goal when co-founding this organization was to help them associate learning with something enjoyable. Michelle excels in academics and consistently earns high honors every school year. She was invited to the Duke TIP National Ceremony at Duke University for her outstanding SAT scores. Additionally, she scored in the 99th percentile on the PSAT, with a perfect score on the math section. In 2022, she was the recipient of the English II Award and the Herder Fellowship for Science Research at the Kinkaid School, in addition to being a National Spanish Honor Society Inductee. Outside of school, she enjoys pursuing her interests in writing, science and math. She was granted the SEFH Rising Star award from the University of Houston for her studies on air quality, and she was the highest scorer of the AMC 8 math contest at her middle school and the AMC 10 math contest at her high school. Finally, she is also on the varsity soccer team at her high school and loves to play the piano. You might find her reading a book, writing a short story, or spending time with her friends and family. Michelle hopes to get to know you soon and play some games too! Happy learning :)

Prisha Verma: Director and Tutor


Lydia Tong: Director and Tutor

Lydia is a passionate student from Houston, Texas attending Bellaire High School. She maintains straight A’s in a highly competitive program while still playing for her school's state-ranked varsity soccer team. Writing is one of Lydia’s greatest passions, and she has repeatedly earned a full score on her essays and final exams. She has also won multiple awards for creative writing, including National Scholastic Writing Awards. Lydia now writes for Three Penny Press, her school's award-winning newspaper. Concurrently, Lydia loves programming. She won first in the Digital Divas Coding Competition and is pursuing R, Java, and Python. Lydia has prior experience with tutoring from individual 1 on 1s and volunteering at Camp Mi Way for kids with special needs. Some hobbies she enjoys are cooking, photography, playing with her cat, and hanging out with her family and friends. Lydia loves helping out eager students, and through co-founding this non-profit, she looks forward to teaching and mentoring her students!

Cindy Cui: Tutor

Hey there! I'm Cindy Cui and I'm currently a sophomore at Carnegie Vanguard High School. I'm super excited to be teaching all different types of kids who are looking to excel academically, as well as just meeting and interacting with new students. Currently, I'm really into debate, specifically Lincoln Douglas, and I've competed very regularly, placing 4th speaker nationally in 7th grade and frequently placing top 3 in tournaments hosted by the Houston Urban Debate League in high school. I've always done well academically, scoring a perfect score on the math PSAT 8/9 and 99th percentile for all subjects, and hope to pass on some of my experience to my juniors. When I'm not doing schoolwork or studying, I love spending time with my baby sister, playing tennis, and especially cooking. On lazy weekends, I always enjoy watching anime and hanging out with my friends. With focus being a major problem with virtual environments, I'll work hard to keep class fun and engaging through the semester and I look forward to our tutoring sessions!


Julia Hu: Tutor

Julia is a determined high school student who is thrilled to aid in the education of others. She attends Debakey High School and sustains straight A’s in one of the top schools in the state. She’s participated in competitions like Name that Book and has been acknowledged for her SAT scores by Duke Tip. Julia has also had experience in leadership and teaching roles like small group robotics, one on one flute lessons, and was the president of her middle school band program. She’s also worked with younger students as she volunteers at a summer camp. You can also find her displaying this energy on the soccer field where she gives it her all and thrives to improve everyday. Julia is committed to make learning enjoyable even in these tough times. She understands that learning new concepts or touching up on old material in a virtual setting is a challenge, but it's her goal to engage students in a way that helps them grasp concepts with ease. Can’t wait to meet you in the classroom!

Julia Nguyen: Tutor

Hi, I'm Julia Nguyen, and I'm a sophomore at Kinkaid High School! I love to learn, and I am eager to help other kids learn. As a student at one of the most prestigious schools in the state, I have maintained straight A+'s and earned recognition for my academic achievements. In my freshman year, I won both the Honors History and Honors Geometry awards and received much praise for my writing. I earned a perfect score on my personal narrative, with my English teacher complimenting my vivid imagery and sense of humor. I also got a perfect score on my COVID-19 report for the thoroughness of my research. In addition, I have much experience working with younger kids as a peer mentor and a babysitter. These experiences have taught me flexibility and patience. Lastly, I enjoy a wide range of hobbies. You may find me reading, playing tennis, or practicing the piano. Piano competitions are some of my favorite times of the year as they motivate me to give it all I've got. In 2020, I placed 3rd at the Houston Music Teachers' Association piano contest, and I am currently a finalist at the Texas Music Teachers' Association contest. Through my experiences in school, piano, and life overall, I learned that to succeed, you must be motivated, ask for help, and always aim for improvement. As a tutor, I hope to pass these lessons on to my students while engaging them in fun and interactive classes.


Jessica Zhang: Tutor

Jessica is a creative, multitalented fine arts student with experience in visual arts, theater production, and musical ensembles. Over the many cultural adaptations from China to England to America, she remains a straight A student throughout her entire academic journey. Jessica is currently a freshman at the John Cooper School studying over 5 variations of visual arts. She has won several UIL prizes and countless awards for her outstanding works, and Jessica hopes to bring inspiration to anyone interested. Besides her numerous successes in works of art, she has been a part of the GTA (Gifted and Talented Academy) and numerous High Honor Rolls for her educational recognitions. In addition to her love for the arts, Jessica also engages in a diversity of recreational activities like tennis, volleyball, watching dramas, socially interacting, and listening to countless genres of music. She was, furthermore, put on the Varsity Swim Team and the Honors Band as a 3rd chair clarinetist. With all her experience, Jessica hopes to see you in her class as she brings motivation to enlighten her students!

Meena Jammi: Tutor

Meena is your local social butterfly and your brainy friend that is ready to help educate kids! She is currently a sophomore at Bellaire High School and is passionate about what she is learning and wants to share her knowledge. From getting recognized for her outstanding PSAT 8/9 scores to qualifying for the Middle School National Speech and Debate tournament, she is eager to teach Vern Tutoring Students! She has has prior experience tutoring kids with autism so she has proven her patience. If you don’t see her doing her homework and facetiming a friend, she is probably learning a new Tik Tok dance! Meena loves cooking, dancing, and watching Korean Dramas. With all that fun, she comes to class with confidence and an attitude to teach. She might also show you a couple of her dance moves in class! She is excited to teach you! :)


Malak Ettahali: Tutor

Born in Houston, Malak is a rising high school sophomore at Shadow Creek High School with a love for school and children! If you don’t find her studying at home, you can catch her at the tennis courts, listening to music, watching movies, or maybe even tutoring your student! Malak has maintained straight A’s in advanced curriculum courses while still being on her school’s tennis team and being an active member in many of her school’s clubs. She’s also been recognized on the state level for her SAT scores, and scored in the 99th percentile for both the PSAT 8 and 9. Malak has a bit of tutoring experience, helping her peers learn and master math. As a Vern tutor, Malak hopes to inspire your child to find a love for learning, and she hopes to see your student in class soon!

Anna Adebola

Anna is a hardworking sophomore at Shadow Creek High School. She maintains straight A's while being the secretary of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), being in the Academic Decathlon club, and holds a leadership position in the Literacy Council at her high school. In 2021, she accumulated the most volunteer hours for HOSA and took 11 college credits in the summer. In 2020, she was voted Most Valuable Player of her track team and the Best Player at the Rice University Volleyball Club. She was the secretary of the National Junior Honor Society, received the Athletic Leadership award, and received an award for having the highest scoring history essay in her grade level. When she is not swamped with a ton of homework, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and visiting history museums. She is enthusiastic about tutoring students and can't wait for them to start learning new content!

Image by Dorothea OLDANI

Madison Burba

Madison is currently a high school sophomore at one of the most prestigious schools in the state, the Kinkaid School. Having spent years helping her two younger siblings with their homework, she is confident in my ability to be patient with my students and make my classes fun and entertaining. In addition to maintaining straight A’s while taking all honors and AP classes, she has won over a dozen National and State awards for her writing. The most notable of these include the National Scholastic Silver Medal for her short story, A Second Chance, as well as several “gold keys” from National Scholastic on a statewide level. She’s  also been published for the past three years in the iWRITE Short Stories Anthology contest. As a passionate writer, she’s been part of iWRITE for the past three years, promoting literacy and a love of writing in underprivileged elementary school kids by bringing iWRITE to after school programs. When she’s not writing or working on homework, she enjoys spending time playing volleyball and polo. She also loves volunteering at SoleAna stables, a nonprofit organization that provides equestrian therapy to kids with autism and Down syndrome, and has worked for over a year with Sasha Camacho, the founder, to create volunteer training videos for her Girl Scout Gold Award. 

Ava Abraham

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Jerry Tong

Jerry is a bright eighth grader at Pearland Junior High West with a hunger for learning and teaching. Skipping two grades of math, he is currently taking PAP geometry and is an all-A student. Before and after school, he can likely be seen at math club, the school tennis court, or as the captain of the robotics team. Outside of school, Jerry enjoys creative writing, music production, user interface programming, digital art, tennis, tutoring, and watching movies. Writing since he was 11, he has earned many awards including the Best in Grade Award and a gold medal in nationals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. His previous experiences with teaching include a creative writing course, digital art lessons, and  multiple arts and crafts classes with many diverse groups. Even though learning online is difficult, Jerry believes that he can educate and entertain students. He intends to spread his love and desire for knowledge and can’t wait to teach!

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